Ashley Justesen
Operations Coordinator

I grew up in a law enforcement family. My dad, both of my brothers and my grandfather are all veterans. I learned what service and sacrifice looked like at a very young age. I have always admired how they proudly served their country. After graduating high school and working in customer service for a few years, I decided that I wanted and needed more. So, I joined the Navy. Although it was nothing like I had expected, or even remotely close to what the recruiters told me it would be like, I wouldn't change that time for the world. I was able to travel in Europe, South Korea and cross a couple things off my bucket list. More importantly, I learned what sacrifice and patriotism looked like. Today, I am a wife and a mother. I'm not at all surprised that I am now married to a man who also serves his community and country in law enforcement. We are raising our four children to understand that nothing is free in this world, somebody is ultimately paying for it. They're learning what patriotism is and the cost.

I've struggled for most of my adult life to find a deeper purpose outside of being a mom and a veteran, not realizing the value within myself to share. When my husband and I met Andrew and Danielle at a marriage conference, their story sparked a fire inside of me. Their heart to care for and help those that have sacrificed was an inspiration. Heroes Homestead was able to help a family member that is very near and dear to me, sparking a change in our family dynamic for the better.

My hope is to help them reach as many veterans and their families as we can through Heroes Homestead.

Help us continue the fight against suicide with programs that reach our veteran families by donating

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Thank you for your support, both financially and otherwise.